Strategic Plan

picture of board members after the first strategic planning meeting
Board members after the first strategic planning meeting, listed left to right: Cindy Baudoin, Nancy McKernan, Chris Kent, Dr. Richard Zamora, Kay Temple Kirk, Trevor Neeley, and Elena Carrillo.

The Lavender Library Board of Directors has embarked on an important strategic planning project! Strategic planning gives us a chance to know and articulate where we’re going, it allows the community to hold us accountable to what we’re trying to do, and it allows us to show potential donors and grant review committees the work we’re doing and plan to do.

First Meeting:
We held our first meeting on Monday, August 7th. Over the course of the next few months, we will hold planning meetings, a community forum, and we’ll announce and post the results of our work. Potential results include: revised mission and vision statements; long-term and short-term goals; strategies for meeting goals; planned indicators of achievement; and an assessment/reporting plan.

Second Meeting:
At our second meeting on Monday, September 18th, we completed a SWOT analysis, and reviewed data from a community survey completed in early June. The survey had 90 respondents and a summary of the results is below:

  • Topics that came up frequently:
    • More events that speak to a diverse audience
    • Be open more hours
    • Need for better outreach, and larger presence in community
    • Larger space
  • How often do respondents come to the Library?
    • Mostly once a year or month
  • What is bringing respondents in?
    • Attending events (52%)
    • Checking out books (51%)
    • Connecting with Resources (47%)

Next Steps:

  1. A drop-in-style community forum is planned for Friday October 20th, from 4:30-8PM at the Lavender Library. Stay tuned for details.
  2. A third meeting to review results from community forum and discuss mission and goals.
  3. At the end of the initial process, this page will be the home of our future strategic plan and updates on how we’re doing.

If you have questions, please email us at