Strategic Plan

picture of board members after the first strategic planning meeting
Board members after the first strategic planning meeting, listed left to right: Cindy Baudoin, Nancy McKernan, Chris Kent, Dr. Richard Zamora, Kay Temple Kirk, Trevor Neeley, and Elena Carrillo.

LLACE 2018 Strategic Plan

The following goals were developed after a months-long process of strategic planning meetings and community input via surveys and an open forum. Information collected during that process represents constituents’ needs and desires. The goals respond to those needs and desires by making them possible. The LLACE Board of Directors hopes to accomplish most of these goals by the end of 2018.

Goal 1: Build LLACE’s Infrastructure

Subgoal A: Create better systems and procedures

  • Strategy: Explore and implement Slack (online tool) to improve project management
  • Strategy: Explore and implement Mailchimp (online tool) to improve communication processes with membership
  • Strategy: Create processes for identifying specific materials to purchase or solicit donations to develop collections
  • Strategy: Finish Collection Development Policy
  • Strategy: Create volunteer manual, including information related to: policies and procedures, Surpass, training materials, etc.
  • Strategy: Create data tracking spreadsheet to track volunteers’ hours, patrons served, etc.

Subgoal B: Create plan for events that is easy to carry out and articulate to community

  • Strategy: Develop 6 month-1 year events calendar
  • Strategy: Develop a quarterly events model

Subgoal C: Create a yearly fundraising plan

  • Strategy: Develop list of regular large fundraising events and campaigns and grant opportunities
  • Strategy: Develop list of LLACE fundraising events
  • Strategy: Establish tools and resources for tracking fundraisers, deadlines, and application processes

Subgoal D: Strengthen and maintain social media presence

  • Strategy: Develop social media plan

Goal 2: Build Larger and Stronger Group of Volunteers

Subgoal A: Foster a knowledgeable and engaged volunteer base

  • Strategy: Expand volunteers’ utility and independence through more intentional assigning of tasks centered around but not limited to: project management, event planning, catalog development and management, professional development, and donation intake  
  • Strategy: Streamline onboarding process to more effectively assess the goals, strengths, skill sets, and mindsets of volunteers/interns upon first beginning their tenure at LLACE
  • Strategy: Provide regular training on LLACE processes, procedures, tools, etc.

Subgoal B: Retain Volunteers

  • Strategy: Provide mentorship and professional development opportunities to volunteers through a continuation and expansion of professional development practices such as the bi-annual All-Volunteer Training, strategic workshop development, and regular assessment and check-ins with each volunteer
  • Strategy: Better assess volunteers’ expected outcomes for volunteering through more thorough application and on-boarding process, including regular program evaluations and other methods of feedback-driven initiatives

Goal 3: Expand Activities Taking Place at LLACE

Subgoal A: Increase the amount of LLACE-sponsored events

  • Strategy: Send out a call for events/programs/activities to LLACE volunteers and board members
  • Strategy: Create program/activity proposal form that both allows board to vet proposed activities and assist organizers’ planning
  • Strategy: Make funds available for food, drinks, and supplies

Subgoal B: Increase the amount of events sponsored by partner organizations and community members.

  • Strategy: Invite classes from local colleges for visits and tours
  • Strategy: Communicate this goal with potential partner organizations and community members and identify opportunities to build community

Goal 4: Develop Collections

Subgoal A: Make collections available to community via online platform

  • Strategy: Make the catalog available for search online
  • Strategy: Make archival collection finding aids available online

Subgoal B: Modernize collections

  • Strategy: Seek out materials that are current
  • Strategy: Seek out materials that help to diversify the collection

Future Commitments

6-Month Commitment

  • The LLACE Board of Directors will meet in July 2018 to assess progress on the goals outlined in this Strategic Plan

1-Year Commitment

  • The LLACE Board of Directors will meet in January 2019 to develop final progress report for 2018 Strategic Plan and discuss any changes for the 2019 Strategic Plan


2017 Community Survey Summary (90 respondents):

  • Topics that came up frequently:
    • More events that speak to a diverse audience
    • Be open more hours
    • Need for better outreach, and larger presence in community
    • Larger space
  • How often do respondents come to the Library?
    • Mostly once a year or month
  • What is bringing respondents in?
    • Attending events (52%)
    • Checking out books (51%)
    • Connecting with Resources (47%)


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