List of Sacramento bars

by Mike Walker

(printed here with permission)

Hide & Seek Underpass (Broadway Ltd)

Log Cabin

Topper WreckRoom I moved to

Wreck Room II Brdway 1985

Ernies Once in a Blue Moon



Charlies Place Club 21 (original was on the west side of 21st)

Montana Saloon Bojangles

Fays K Street Bisco Bros.

Later became Faces

Atticus Forum (Cleos)

Cruise Inn (Connies Y not) Vickie & Boogie No Who Who Hut

Purple Tortoise I –II Buffalo Club

Parking Lot Chicken Vill

Hawaiian Hut

Upstairs-Downstairs (below Crest Theatre)

Power Plant

Training Camp

King Of Clubs

Playpen (El Camino)

Palomino maybe Purple

Palomino later Bojangles


Fury Carmichael F.O. curve

Puss ‘n Boots

Nitelife Inc.

Ms. Fays

Twin Gables(w.Sac)

Silver Dollar

Coral Gables West end W. capitol 1955-1958

Diamond Butterfly R.C.

Take 2 (Anna Marias) W.Sac .Mark Twain

Crescent Moon 17th & Bwy (more)

922 9 th street next to World theatre 3 for $1. wino park

Mecca Club Bryte near H&S

El Capitan Brodrick 3rd st btw


Casino Club 16th btw S-T

Avalon W. Cap Ave.

Joseph’s Town &Country (Marconi)