Free Little Lavender Library

Example of a free community library


The Lavender Library, Archives, and Cultural Exchange (LLACE) was founded to meet the unmet need of LGBTQ books and materials for our communities. Historically, libraries and schools across the country have shunned LGBTQ content and narratives; and the issue continues today: the top five most challenged books in 2016 were challenged specifically for their LGBTQ content; a survey of history text books assigned in history courses at Sac State found that the most common book only discussed LGBTQ communities and history on 2 out of over 800 pages; and the assumption that LGBTQ narratives are not appropriate for children is still widespread in US culture. For these reasons, and others, making sure communities have access to books and materials is vitally important.

Because some in communities outside of Midtown/Downtown Sacramento may not be able to physically get to the Lavender Library space, we hope to expand our vital resources outside the walls of LLACE and into surrounding communities via free book boxes. The proposed location for the first Lavender Library free book box is in Del Paso Heights, and will be part of a proposed “edible forest”/park project headed by a community organization in Sacramento called Activism Articulated.¬†Their project includes:

  • A mural created by local artists, featuring Chyna Gibson and other powerful leaders from Del Paso Heights and surrounding areas.
  • A bench installed in front of the mural that serves as both an art piece and a place for anyone to rest and feel rooted in the history of a neighborhood that has often been overlooked.
  • An edible forest of fruit trees, available to the entire neighborhood as a place to rest and gather sustenance.
  • A pop-up event/block party to unveil the project and celebrate the community, which will include a vendor market and serve to bring in people from outside of the neighborhood.

We hope to contribute to this project with: free book boxes that include diverse LGBTQ book offerings, benches for resting and reading, and information about resources and events in town. Each book box will be painted by an artist from the local Sacramento arts scene.

visual of the proposed location of the lavender library's free library box in Del Paso Heights
Map and overhead view of the proposed location.



If you would like information about how you can help make this project happen, contact us at