Podcast: We Out Here Radio

The Lavender Library and local student Jose Arias has collaborated on a couple episodes of a new podcast called We Out Here Radio. The podcast hopes to connect listeners with people from the Sacramento area who work in the community to gain insights into their lives, work, and struggles. Guests will share their experiences with trying to create change, running into institutional barriers and discrimination, being queer and/or trans in the professional world, and more.

Episode 1: The Lavender Library
This episode, hosted by Jose Arias and Chris Kent,  includes guests Trev Neeley and Elena Carrillo from the Lavender Library. We discuss identity, the library, and trying to make change in the organization and our communities as people who are queer, or brown, or trans, or many other parts of identity.

Sound Cloud – https://soundcloud.com/user-396804475/we-out-here-radio-episode-one-we-out-here

Radio Public – https://radiopublic.com/we-out-here-radio-6L4Y2q