LLACE History

The Lavender Library was founded by a core group of 17 local community members in 1998 as a research and information institution for Sacramento’s LGBTQI community. The founding took place during a tumultuous time for the LGBT Community Center (then the Lambda Community Center) as it struggled to stay open. Fearing imminent closure (luckily that did not happen!), community members moved the small library from the Center to its first location at the B Street Theater. The founders considered several other names before settling on the Lavender Library, including: River City Community Library, Sacramento Alternative Library, Capital Library Archive Project (CLAP), and Sacramento Library and Archive Project (SLAP). Two years later in 2000, the Library moved to its current space at N at 21st Streets. One of the original primary champions of the Library, Gail Lang, was a beloved member of Sacramento’s local LGBTQ community. When she passed in 2003, she left the Library funds that have helped it stay open over the years. Today, the Library lives on as an important site for community, knowledge, and engagement.

First ad for the project that would eventually become LLACE, in a July 1998 issue of “Mom Guess What?” magazine.
An article in “Mom Guess What?” magazine for the 2000 open house in LLACE’s new/current space.
A painting of Gail Lang by Patty Dawson that hangs in LLACE.