Review: “Call Me By Your Name” and “We Are The Ants”

Reviews by LLACE volunteer Rita Taste

We Are the Ants is a novel about figuring out our place in the universe. It’s a coming of age tale that shows the power of friendships, love, staying true to yourself, and not letting labels define you. This book will make you laugh and at times it will definitely make you cry. It addresses just how cruel bullying can be, but also shows how important our friends are in our times of need and that although at times we feel as insignificant as “ants,” to those who love us we are the world.

While watching Call Me By Your Name, I felt less like I was watching a movie and more like I was observing the real lives of people unfolding in front of me. The film was very touching and the acting was superb. The characters had depth to them and at times you could feel their emotions without them having to say anything. The relationships between parents and child and romantic relationships were not your typical, over the top movie relationships. I could easily see what happened in the film playing out in real life and the ending was not a fairy tale which is much appreciated. I would recommend this movie to anyone as I feel that it was borderline perfect, even down to the soundtrack.