Meet Our New Board President!

Check out this interview with our new president, Elena Carrillo.

So you’re the new board president! Congrats! What do you hope to focus on in the next year or so?

Thank you, I am so excited to continue contributing to this org in a new role. I am ready to push this org further than I have before. I have a vision of strengthening our values of being an inclusive, intersectional and radical space. I hope to have a bolder voice in the Sacramento Area LGBTQIA community and better reflect its beautiful diversity. As a queer latinx woman in the organization, I am more energized than ever for our next growth spurt. I want to bring to an end to queer spaces are primarily white, cis and privileged and I want folx to know this all-volunteer-run org truly belongs to them. This is OUR space to claim. The changes I’ve seen at the Lavender Library have been rapid and I’m ready to help shape and build its next chapter.

I heard you studied Women’s Studies in college. Why did you choose that major? What was your favorite class or paper?

I started doing grassroots feminist organizing since I was 17. I went to a Ladyfest I.E. meeting and never stopped, I knew that feminism was my passion and made it my path. I attended community college in Riverside for a few years and eventually made my way to Sac State.

I had the fortune of having some really incredible professors, classes and classmates. It’s difficult to highlight only one topic, but one of my favorites was deconstructing queerness and transness in the Middle East. More importantly, illustrating the parallels of how  culture and politics influence the marginalization of subcommunities within the Middle East & the US. (Also there are some rad films that challenge US paternalism in POC communities at the library!)

What do you do for a living, when you’re not volunteering at the library?

I am a Project Manager at a local nonprofit called Sacramento Covered. We are an amazing org that assists individuals navigating the healthcare system. If you are not sure what your health coverage situation is, definitely feel feel to connect with me.

We also do advocacy on the local level for our undocumented community and are working with the city to connect individuals experiencing homelessness to health and housing.

Favorite show right now?

Definitely just finished Season 2 of Queer Eye on Netflix. (It’ll give you all the feels).

Last song/album you listened to?  

Currently in love with with Janelle Monáe’s “I Like That”.

What do you like to do for self-care?

My self-care right now is working on house projects and trying new things. Meaning I’m painting my kitchen, taking latinx queer bachata dance classes and going to Paris (yes, actual Paris, France).

Any advice for a queer/trans youth reading this right now?

The future is intersectional. You are a force. You have to so much to bring to the table and are already impacting our community with your visibility, presence and voice. Don’t hold back.


To reach out to Elena, email her at